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If your wedding date is available, you can book a free initial consultation questionnaire by clicking the button below or fill out the Wedding Enquiry Form and I'll get straight back to you!

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“Testimonials are a powerful way to boost a brand’s image and provide a sense of what it’s like to work together...”

Sarah was our photographer on our wedding day.


From the off she paid attention to detail and nothing was too much trouble and getting involved with our guests put them all at ease whilst going about her business. 


Not only was she a great asset on the day but throughout the photo picking and printing process she kept us up to date and continued to help organise our album.


I couldn't praise her talents enough.

Anne & Chris

“Endorsements from real customers lend a personal touch to the website and can go a long way...”

Sarah was amazing from start to finish and kept us both informed prior to our wedding and chatted to us about what kind of photos we would like.


On the day Sarah arrived and started taking pictures straight away and the results were out of this world.


Thank you Sarah for making our day memorable with the lovely photos.

Mark & Paul

What Clients Say

  • What insurance do you have?
    As a professional photographer, I hold Public Liability Insurance which covers me up to £5 million. Should I be having a very bad day...
  • What is the booking process?
    1. Check that I’m free for the date or dates you need me using my online availability calendar. You can also check out the packages I offer as well, to give you an idea of how we might proceed and the costs involved. 2. Complete the booking request form with details of dates, venues, a general idea of timings. You can indicate whether you want one of our popular packages or you need something a little more bespoke. 3. We’ll arrange to have a Zoom call or meet in person so we can discuss your plans in more details. I have lots of hints and tips to ensure we get the best shots on the day. 4. I’ll draw up a contract, based on our discussions. This makes it clear to you and to me what our expectations are from the start and we’ll all sign to agree that the contract covers our understanding of what my photography services will include. 5. Once the contract is signed, I’ll invoice you for a 50% deposit which will secure the date. This can be paid by bank transfer or by credit card, using the link on the emailed invoice. The remainder of your invoice is payable a week before the wedding. 6. I’ll be there in good time on the day (or days if you opt for an engagement shoot) and will follow the plan carefully to ensure we get all the shots we need - and more. I’m going to be your best friend for the day - ensuring you are where you need to be and doing a little crowd control when I need to. I’m not bossy…just firm when I need to be - honest!
  • Should we arrange a meal for you?
    It’s going to be a long day, so the opportunity to have something to eat while you and your guests are dining will be very welcome. And the dining bit (before speeches, of course) isn’t particularly photogenic. We don’t need Aunty Enid trying to negotiate a forkful of asparagus to be captured for eternity, after all. Most venues and caterers who are used to hosting weddings can make the arrangements and have a little space set aside for me.
  • Are all the images we receive in print resolution and can we download them all?
    Absolutely - your photos will be available on a special password-protected page on my website where you can have a quick look - we can take any down that you’re not keen on (there won’t be many after I have edited them down!) and then you can send the link and the login details to your guests. They’ll be able to download high-resolution files that allow them to get them printed wherever they want. I’ll also have a batch of web-resolution images with my watermark on so you can share them all across the socials too. You’ve got to milk it, after all… You might want to opt for me to arrange an album or professional prints too - so you’ll be able to order those through the website.
  • Do we need a second photographer?
    I specialise in small to medium-sized weddings so if you’re planning on a cathedral wedding, arriving by helicopter and departing by a coach drawn by a dozen unicorns, then a second photographer might be useful. I can only be in three places at one time, after all. We’ll talk that through when we go through the details of your wedding.
  • Do we have to have one of your albums, or can we sort one ourselves?
    I’m not going to lie. The albums I offer are super-gorgeous, but you can, of course, organise your own photo albums. And if it goes terribly wrong, then get in touch and I’ll arrange for a lovely album to be created for you (and you can throw that thing you got from some dodgy website, that arrived in a shipping container from China six months later, away).
  • We loathe having our photo taken. Help….
    Nobody really likes their photo being taken, trust me. But I’m there to put you at ease. It’s my job, after all. I’m not going to allow an unflattering photo to get through the editing process. And trust me - by the end of a day when everyone is thrusting their phone cameras at you, you’ll be sashaying in front of the camera like a pro! If you’re really worried about your difficult relationship with a camera, then an engagement session is a great way to ease your way in gently and you can book a 2 hour session at a special rate of £100 when you sign up as a client.
  • How far do you travel?
    I cover Sussex and Hampshire primarily, but if you want to whisk me away to Dubai, we’ll need to talk travel and accommodation expenses! Nothing is off the table so we can chat that through.
  • Can we print our images ourselves?
    Print away. You need to relive your wedding, minute by minute with everyone you know (and perhaps others you don’t) for at least the next decade - it’s traditional. If you need help with getting great prints, framing and more (I draw the line at novelty mugs and duvet covers) then I can arrange that for you.
  • What if it turns out you can’t make our wedding?
    I like to keep my promises - my reputation is on the line after all. But whilst I can avoid crossing the road in front of busses, stepping on the cracks in the pavement or eating fish that smells fishy for the rest of my life, sometimes things just happen. There are no 100% guarantees in life. But if the unavoidable happens and I don’t think I can make it I will let you know. I’ll try my best to find a stand-in photographer and ensure they have all the information they need. And I will ensure that the job gets finished properly.
  • Do we need to give you a list of the shots we want?
    As an experienced wedding photographer, I’m pretty up with what shots are going to be needed - particularly once we have run through the general flow of the day. Some details of the inner-wedding party and fam would be good to ensure that the important people are definitely included. But I’ll make sure that as many moments with as many people are captured.
  • How long does it take between the wedding day and getting the photos?
    As any photographer will tell you, a vast proportion of a photography project is the edit. I’ll be going through the shots to make sure the very best make the grade and, if necessary, make a few little adjustments with a delicate touch to make sure everyone looks stunning. So, in short, around four to six weeks. I might do a few early releases for you though.
  • What’s an engagement session?
    This is a chance for us to bond. We might visit the venue, pop down to the beach, or go shopping. It helps me to know your best side and how to get your natural beauty to shine, and for you to relax and stop being scared of the camera! I offer a special rate of £100 for a two hour engagement session when you book me as your wedding photographer.
  • Do you offer a video service?
    Videography and Photography are very different art forms, despite both involving a viewfinder. I don’t offer video. There is usually someone among the wedding guests who like tapping into their inner Spielberg with varying results - some of which may involve a noisy 747 flying overhead during the vows and Aunty Enid blowing her nose with great gusto during the exchange of the rings. So I would recommend, if you want a video of the day, to get a professional in. We can arrange for a selection of your photos to be professionally edited into a montage video presentation for you.

Wedding FAQs

Full Day Wedding

Up to 10 Hours of Photography

Covering Bride or Groom Preparations through to first dance - and everything in between.

Available any day of the week, including weekends and Bank Holidays.

Half Day Wedding

Up to 5 Hours of Photography

including getting ready, ceremony, post-ceremony celebration.

Available any day of the week , including weekends. Bank holidays available at 20% extra charge. 

Ceremomy and post ceremony

 2 Hours of Photography

Ceremony & post-ceremony

Available anytime.

Extra hours charged at £80 p/h.

2 Hour Engagement Session for £100 when booking any package - at a location of your choice within Sussex.

Popular Packages 

As an experienced wedding photographer, I believe that every couple deserves to have their special day captured in its full beauty. I take pride in capturing every intimate moment - moments the couple will see on the day and those they may not - making each couple’s wedding story unique.


One of life’s milestones, you’ll want to treasure those moments and relive the day with friends and loved ones and, with my attention to detail, I will create timeless, gorgeous images that will last forever.


I work closely with couples, from the initial free consultation, to optional engagement shoots, ‘getting ready’ through to the first dance, I aim to ensure that their vision comes to life. 


Take a look at the popular packages below for an idea of what to expect, or we can plan something a little more bespoke if you’d prefer. I’ve also included some Frequently Asked Questions to give you an idea of how we can work together.


Check your wedding date on my availability calendar, then book a free initial consultation and we can go from there.

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